Last Night at the Circle Cinema

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Three friends. One final night at the abandoned Circle Cinema. And nothing will ever be the same.

A Junior Library Guild Selection



Best friends Bertucci, Codman, and Olivia are gearing up for the end of their high school careers. Graduation is only one day away and none of them know what the future holds, especially since they will all be away from one another for the first time since they met freshman year. There are so many secrets, feelings, and experiences shared between the three of them that they aren’t quite sure how to make it on their own. Bertucci—the intelligent and tortured prankster—has one last hurrah planned. They must spend the entire night before commencement inside the recently shuttered Circle Cinema, a local movie theater. No one can leave before the break of dawn, and it is in this abandoned theater that they will confront their greatest fears, admit their mistakes, and hopefully see a future beyond high school. This sentimental read is perfect for teens who are either leaving high school behind or looking to their own future with uncertain eyes. The book moves from narrator to narrator, offering readers an in-depth look at all the troubles, struggles, and accomplishments the protagonists went through from each character’s point of view. Olivia, Bertucci, and Codman are all well-developed, realistic, and likable. A surprise ending will put the whole story and the protagonists’ struggles into perspective.VERDICT A sweet and wonderful tale that will get teens thinking about their own futures and friendships.” – School Library Journal