Lessons in Love: The Principles of Love #7

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It’s Love’s final year at Hadley Hall—has she learned all she needs to get by?

Who said senior year was simple? No longer a day student at Hadley Hall, Love Bukowski’s about to move into the dorms—with no less than her arch-enemy Lindsay Parrish. It’s Love’s senior year, and she has to deal with Lindsay’s rules as head monitor; her handsome boyfriend, Charlie, returning to Harvard; and her ex, Jacob, giving her the cold shoulder. On the bright side, Love has a new look, a new feel, and best of all, she’s going to be reunited with her mom and half-sister, Sadie. The Boys of Summer (or Fall) may come and go, but Love’s faith in family and her passion for writing stays steady. It may be the end of high school, but there will always be lessons in love…


“Often funny, sometimes wise, a good read.”

--Kirkus Reviews

“Love Bukowski is the perfect teen heroine, the girl you wish had been your best friend in high school. Love tells all in a voice that is alternately funny and heartwrenching.”

--Sarah Dessen, Best-selling author of Just Listen

“Funny and poignant.”