Liner Notes

What’s on the soundtrack of your life?

Just out of grad school, Laney is ready to embark on a new phase of her life. Leaving California to head back east, she’s got 3000 miles to reflect on her past before moving ahead to the future. With a box of mix tapes at the ready, she envisions a trip spent reminiscing about first crushes, high school, family issues, and college loves and losses—her most precious memories. What she didn’t envision was her mother in the seat beside her—which is exactly what happens when her mom invites herself along for the ride. Soon she’s giving her mother a crash course in retro hits from her formative years, and a history of her life that her mom never knew about. As they roll through American landscape, Laney and her mother discover their lives are more than one-hit wonders.


“Liner Notes tells the story of two simultaneous journeys—a cross country road trip and a musical voyage down memory lane—that both end up in the same happy place. Like one of the narrator’s prize mix tapes, Emily Franklin’s charming debut novel is a grab-bag of delights.”

–-Tom Perrotta, author of Little Children

“This book is a rare one – the gimmick is actually well-executed, making this story as good as it sounds. With realistic characters, fantastic flashbacks, and a great soundtrack, you are sure to laugh, cry and sing along with Laney as you read her Liner Notes.”