Piece, Love, & Happiness: The Principles of Love #2

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Fall is in the air and Love is back at Hadley Hall

For Love Bukowski, summer’s over and school’s about to begin. But it seems like Love’s going it alone: her Aunt Mable has been acting weird, her Dad (who happens to be principal of her school) is preoccupied, her ex is pouting in Europe, and her former friend Cordelia has bonded with the evil Lindsay Parrish. Enter the new exchange student from London, Arabella Piece, who’s staying with Love and has some secrets of her own. Love’s summer may have called it a wrap, but her Fall semester dramas have just begun.


“Often funny, sometimes wise, a good read.”

--Kirkus Reviews

“Love Bukowski is the perfect teen heroine, the girl you wish had been your best friend in high school. Love tells all in a voice that is alternately funny and heartwrenching.”

--Sarah Dessen, Best-selling author of Just Listen

“Funny and poignant.”


“A fresh perspective on what really goes on at boarding school. I couldn’t help but get sucked in.”

--Angie Day, producer of MTV's “Made”

“It’s easy to fall in love with Love Bukowski.”

--ME Rabb, author of The Rose Queen