The Half-Life of Planets

Lianna is an aspiring planetary scientist…and also a kissing addict. Hank’s smart, funny, loves music and has Asperger’s…this summer they form an unlikely bond.

Liana is an aspiring planetary scientist… and also a kissing addict. This summer, though, she plans to spend every kissworthy hour in the lab, studying stars. Hank has never been kissed. He’s smart and funny and very socially awkward, because he’s got Asperger’s syndrome. Hank’s plan for the summer is to work at a music store and save enough to buy the Fender Jazzmaster he craves. What neither Liana nor Hank plans for is their fateful meeting… in the women’s bathroom at the hospital. But their star-crossed encounter could be the very best kind.

Nominated for YALSA’s Best Book of the Year


“’Attention-grabbing… fine romantic comedy. Liana has a reputation for loving to kiss, and many boys have been the beneficiaries of her passion. It has never taken her beyond locking lips, however, and now she’s experimenting on herself this summer: Can she become a new person and leave her kissing-bandit ways behind? An aspiring scientist doing planetary research, Liana understands planets and their predictable orbits and patterns; it’s people she doesn’t always get. Nor does Hank, a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome who gets music but can’t read social cues. Put them together, telling their stories in alternating first-person narratives, and the result is a story laced with intelligent humor, well-drawn characters—even the secondary ones—and believable situations…readers will find themselves cheering for the proper alignment of these star-crossed lovers.”

- Kirkus

“…A smart and unusual romance just about right for fans of John Green.”

- Booklist