The Principles of Love: The Principles of Love #1

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What do you really know about Love?

Love’s her real name, but it’s not her whole story…
Love Bukowski is about to start school at Hadley Hall, the posh prep school where her dad’s the new principal headmaster. Raised by her single dad (with more than a little help from her funky Aunt Mable), almost sixteen-year-old Love is strong-willed, with a wry sense of humor—but will she fit into the world of Hadley Hall? In the made-for-TV version of her life, she’s got cool friends and hot guys galore. But being a “fac brat” makes new friends hard to come by, and the guys—well, that remains to be seen. Now Love’s got to step it up if she’s going to overcome her less-than-glamorous reality and get that walk-on role in her own fantasies.


“Whether you’re 16 and looking forward or 36 and looking back, the 1st book in The Principle of Love series will pull your heartstrings with comic, poignant, and perceptive takes on the teenage tribulations of lust, life, and long-lost mothers.”

--Heather Swain, author of Josie Griffin in Not a Vampire and Chromosome 16

“Love Bukowski is the perfect teen heroine, the girl you wish had been your best friend in high school. Love tells all in a voice that is alternately funny and heartwrenching.”

--Sarah Dessen, Best-selling author of Just Listen

“Often funny, sometimes wise, a good read.”

--Kirkus Reviews

“So real, so true I feel like I’ve just spent a year at prep school with my wise and witty friend Love Bukowski, and I’m ready for another year!”

--Julia DeVillers author of How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller

“Funny and poignant.”